ZERO Solid Honey Comb Tire

Please see fitment info below before purchasing.

Eliminate flat tires by replacing your stock pneumatic tire with a Solid Honey Comb tire. These tire are a good option to increase reliability, but riders will see a decrease in traction and comfort. These tires are not recommended for aggressive riding.



8.5 X 2.0:

-ZERO 8 Front Only

-ZERO 9 Front and Rear 

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Customer Reviews

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*:.FiVe StAR ALL DaY.:*

Thank you revrides team for all you do. By the way I want to thank Minon Minnieweather at customer service for looking out for me when I need it. You are awesome! If anyone need anything parts scooters or even have a question. Revrides got you with out a doubt. My solid tire fit perfectly. I just wish it looked a little like the front tire I have on my turbo wheel dart scooter. Other then that. I’m riding smooth and having a great time.

Great service

Came quickly and fit. Can’t ask for more

Honeycomb solid ties

Honeycomb solid ties , It’s true very uncomfortable right I am very poor traction. What do you recommend I do if any

I had the time of my life

I simply cannot put into words the shear ecstasy it is to deal with a competent EV company after being subjected to another EV company who I won't name but their initials rhyme with efff emm - which, incidentally must be their motto on how they intend to treat their customer base. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for:
Offering an excellent product
Understanding that people want to fix their EV's when there is a problem
Making the parts easily accessible and reasonably priced
Delivering the parts in a reasonable amount of time

I really appreciate the excellent service - Thanks!

Speedy service !

Thanks for you awesome support

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