8.5" Solid Honey Comb Tires for Electric Scooters

Please see fitment info below before purchasing.

Eliminate flat tires by replacing your stock pneumatic tire with a Solid Honey Comb tire. These tire are a good option to increase reliability, but riders will see a decrease in traction and comfort. These tires are not recommended for aggressive riding.



8.5 X 2.0:

  • ZERO 8 Front Only
  • ZERO 9 
  • VSETT 8 Front Only

*For higher powered scooters, P8 should be reduced to 50% power when using these tires. Not recommended for VSETT 9/9+


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Brandon O
8.5 in solid tire

So far so good. And let me just advise anyone purchasing a solid tire, be sure to follow the installation instructions when installing it.

Jeffrey Walker

Tire is working great!!

Donald Dotson
Hella nice

Well seeing videos about ppl having trouble put the tire on lucky with zero being the best scooter you can take the rim apart and it fit with no problem it’s nice from get to a to b but if you drive like you trying to see what this scooter can handle at 800 miles then the air filled tires are better but for being what it is definitely recommend mite even get one for the front just so I have them

J. Malagon
No more flats Tire

I have driven about 150 km with this tire, I do 15 km continuous journeys, it has worked perfectly, not slip off the rim as I had read in some reviews. If it is the rear rim, you have to make sure that the drum brake is not too tight and generates friction, which can lead to an increase in temperature in the rim. On the pavement it works very well, on tiles or cobblestones you have to be careful and go more slowly. On wet pavement it works very well too, on wet tiles or cobblestones it is not recommended or you have to go very slowly. I am very happy with this rim, I fully recommend it!

C. Sharp
Great Communication. Fast Shipping. Great product.

I bought the honeycomb tire for my Zero 9, which kept getting flat tires in the back wheel. I am really satisfied with the new tire. I only wish that I had ordered the solid rubber tires for both the front and the back, because now the front wheel has blown out twice. The customer service rep I spoke with was very helpful, when I was deciding upon the tire. The free shipping is fast and a huge plus!

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