Zero 9

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  • The ZERO 9 is essentially an amped-up ZERO 8 with higher power output (25A controller), air tires front and rear to provide more ride comfort and double brakes (rear drum brakes and front disc brake). 

  • With a range of approximately 25mi per charge, this e-scooter is a great choice for riders who need to go the distance but still want something compact.

    Whether you commute directly from home to work every day or ride for leisure, the ZERO 9 will guarantee you a comfortable ride throughout your long journey.

    The ZERO 9 is a powerful electric scooter that is comfortable to ride. It comes with integrated front spring suspension in the front steering column and very sophisticated and beautifully designed rear twin air shock suspension.

    With a powerful 600W motor, this scooter out-performs most other scooters of a similar size. All these at a very compelling price. The ZERO 9 is a good choice for long range commutes or leisure rides.

    Battery 48V 13Ah LG
    Motor 600 Watt
    Range 22-25 Miles
    Top Speed 22-24 MPH
    Load Capacity 220lbs
  • Q: Do the ZERO models come with a charger? A: Yes. All ZERO models come with one standard charger.

    Q: Are the ZERO models waterproof? A: Not really. The ZERO models are built to withstand small amounts of water, but we recommend avoiding wet conditions like puddles or riding in the rain.


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The perfect electric scooter for nearly every lifestyle.
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Customer Reviews

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Exactly What I Expected

My goal was to get something that compared favorably to the Segway Max with respect to weight and portability, with a little more speed on tap and a comfortable ride. The Zero 9 delivers.


Hola estoy necesitando comprar la llanta delantera completa para el scooter zero 9. Alguna persona sabe donde la puedo conseguir? Muchas gracias.


Perfect daily driver, hugely fun to ride. Would buy again (and again)

Zero 9 Scooter Review

I purchased my Zero 9 a year ago, and have put 200+ miles on it so far, and it has been great. It is fast! On a flat, I have hit 28+mph, which at that speed you need a full helmet because even wearing glasses, your eyes water up and it becomes challenging to see. Really, I keep the speed under 25 most of the time. Not because the scooter is unstable. It is very stable at top speed. Hill climbing is easy. I live in Seattle, so steep hills all around. The re-gen braking really keeps the battery topped off. I'll take a 2 mile run, and when I get back, maybe chew up 2ah of battery. The full suspension really helps, as our streets are pretty bad. Again, even with 8.5" wheels, going 25mph is white-knuckle educing. So this is plenty fast. This scooter is an overall good balance of speed, ride-ability and portability at a little over 40lbs. I can ride to the train, fold up and jump on with ease. I did briefly look at the 10x, but decided that the 9 checks all the boxes for me. The 10x is not as portable.


Zero 9

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