• The ZERO 11X takes electric scooters to a whole new level. More speed. More power. More range. Simply more. 

    The 11X has everything the ZERO 10X has plus more. It comes with dual 1600W brushless motors th at can produce up to 5600W at maximum power for speeds topping out at over 60MPH, making it one of the fastest scooter on the market today. 

    Don't ever worry about running out of battery again. The high-capacity 72V 32Ah lithium-ion LG battery provides amazing range, allowing users to ride up to 90 miles in eco mode. 

    NOTE ON SHIPPING: The ZERO 11X is a large unit. It will arrive strapped on a pallet from a freight delivery company. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

    Battery 72V 32Ah
    Motor 2 X 1600W
    Range up to 90 Miles
    Top Speed 62 MPH
    Controller 2 X 45A
    Load Capacity 330 lbs
  • Q: Do the ZERO models come with a charger? A: Yes. All ZERO models come with one standard charger.

    Q: Are the ZERO models waterproof? A: Not technically. The ZERO models are built to withstand small amounts of water, but we recommend avoiding wet conditions like puddles or riding in the rain.

    Q: Are electric scooters legal? A: Each city in the United States has a different policy or no documented policy yet. This mode of transportation is amazing but relatively new. REV Rides does not guarantee that EV (e-scooters, e-boards, euc) will be legal to ride in your city. Please check your local regulations.

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speed indicator guage
60+ MPH
range indicator
*in eco mode
electric scooter weight icon
131 lbs
scooter load capacity icon
Load Capacity
330 lbs



zero 10 electric scooter handlebar width 49.6 inches
zero 10x electric scooter handlebar height 38.6 in
zero 10x electric scooter folded height 19.7 in

ZERO 10X vs ZERO 11X

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Happy and Satisfied😊

This is my first ever e-scooter and really satisfied and happy with it. Or maybe because im just a newbie? Lol! But for sure with No tax/ no shipping fee/ fast and safe delivery (4 days) in my possesion already😊. Cant beat that for sure👌. Easy to unbox with few screws needs to tightened for safe riding. Rode a couples time already and really impressed on speed and stability of it. Hope it last forever that way 🤞. Few things i noticed that can make it more fun and exciting 1. Wonder if they get the speed accelerator like a motorcycle thru the handle itself, that way its smooter and for sure much safe. 2. Eco/dual motor indicators lights thru your lcd screen😀. But overall its really satisfying and happy with it👌


Great service and delivery. Would buy from again.

Awesome ride ever

I absolutely love my Beef which is what I named my scooter even sitting here right now with a foot that has a cast due to a most recent accident on it I would most definitely buy it again my fair warnings to all who ride be aware and cautious that while riding always wear your helmets not bicycle helmet yet a real motorcycle helmet cause had I been wearing a bike helmet I would have done serious damage to my head and as a woman who loves the adrenaline rush from fast speeds much damage can occur to us at maxx speeds be an experienced rider before taking the risk on the positive side my scooter (Beef) suffered very little damage the road rubbed of the brake line where it said Nutts so left hydraulic brake don't work yet nothing compared to the damage that I suffered so ride safe always wear your gear motorcycle gear and to the man that created my Beef thank you it's amazing so long as your store or site exists for renewing parts through time Beef will exist .........Desi

Any other scooter just became obsolete.

By far, without any special interest or requests; this is the most amazing, strongly built, comfortable, humongous, lightning fast scooter in the market!!!
Pictures do not do this beast justice and by beast i mean the presidential limo!
Hold on to and Save your money and buy the this 11x if you are in the market for a scooter. You will not be disappointed you will be blown away. Literally. You will however be upset if you get to meet and see this monster scooter after already buying any other scooter out there; yes including dualtrons!!
Best bang for your buck.
Best mechanical structure.
Best strength in every aspect for your money and i truly believe this Cadillac race car of a scooter is truly one of the safest to ride because of all the features that allow you to dial in exactly what form of riding you need wether its for your grandma to have slow take off and go 15-18mph or for you to have your eye balls come out the back of your head at 60mph!!


Exactly what I was hoping for!

The Zero 11X is by far the most powerful scooter I've been on. I've already took it over 20 miles and the battery was still strong!!

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