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    Introducing the next generation of electric scooters.

    Experience the freedom and advanced performance VSETT 9+ delivers with dual motors. The dual 650 W motors accelerate up to 33 MPH while the dual disk brakes bring you to a positive stop. Front and rear pneumatic tires, coupled with dual adjustable suspension, provides a smooth ride.

    A massive 48V 21.0Ah battery gives this scooter a max range of 40 miles on a charge.

    Don't let anything stop you, all VSETT models are IP54 water resistant.

  • The new VSETT Control Throttle Display is packed with features. Tune your ride your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer which ensures only you can start your VSETT. Use the DDM button to switch from single to dual motor mode to unlock the full potential of the VSETT 9+.

    The VSETT 9+ touts aggressive styling and features a bright fender integrated headlight. Be seen with taillights, flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights. Feel secure with the robust patented triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser.

    Battery 48V 21A (LG)
    Water Resistance IP54
    Motor 2 X 650W
    Max Range 35-50 Miles
    Top Speed 30-33 MPH
    Load Capacity 265lbs
  • All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

    At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us. Click here for more info.

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Advanced Dashboard
Customize your ride preferences directly from the onboard display. Plus, keep your ride secure with the NFC key card lock.
Dual High Performance Suspension
Slim Folding Bars
Easily store your scooter with foldable handlebars and stem.
Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem.
Switch between single motor for range and efficiency or dual motors for speed and power.
Conveniently lock your stem folded down for easy transportation. 
Battery OptionsVSETT 8: 15.6A
VSETT 8: 19.2A
VSETT 8R: 21.0A (LG)
15.6A17.5A (LG)VSETT 9+: 15.6A
VSETT 9+: 19.2A (LG)
VSETT 9+R: 21.0A (LG)
VSETT 10+: 20.8A
VSETT 10+: 25.6A(LG)
VSETT 10+R: 28.0A(LG)
Tire Size8 x 2 inch tires8 x 2 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires10 x 3 inch tires11 x 4 inch tires
TiresSolid Rubber Rear, Pneumatic FrontSolid RubberFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tires
BrakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakes
Max Range*15.6A: 22-37 Miles
19.2A: 33-51 Miles
21.0A: 37-55 Miles
22-37 Miles25-40 Miles15.6A: 23-38 Miles
19.2A: 31-46 Miles
21.0A: 35-50 Miles
VSETT 10+: 30-52
VSETT 10+ 25.6A: 36-64
VSETT 10+R: 40-70 Miles
50-100 Miles
Top Speed (Limited)24-26 MPH25-28 MPH25-28 MPH30-33 MPHDual Mode: 40-44 MPH Sport Mode: 46-50 MPHDual Mode: 44-47 MPH Sport Mode: 50-53 MPH
Charging Times5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5.5-11 Hours4.5-8.5 Hours5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5-10 / 6-12 / 7-14 Hours8-16 Hours
Suspension(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2Front spring suspension + rear hydraulic suspensionFront hydraulic suspension*1 + rear hydraulic suspension×2
LightsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light + Front and rear turn signalsLED Headlight+Dual LED headlight&taillight+brake light+Front and Rear turn signal
Loading Capacity265lbs265lbs265lbs265lbs285lbs330lbs
Controller48V 23A48V 23A x252V 23A48V 23A X 260V (30-35A )*260V (40-45A)*2
Motor Power48V 600W48V 600W x252V 650W48V 650W X 260V 1400W X 260V 1500W* 2
Box Dimension108*22.5*46cm108*22.5*46cm127*26*53.8cm127*26*53.8cm134.5*28.5*58.8cm150*49.5*76.2cm
*Please note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70% of manufacturer’s maximum advertised range. Riding in performance modes, climbing hills, aggressive starts-and-stops & aged batteries will all impact real-world range.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Wow! Zero buyers remorse with this purchase....so much fun!

I purchased the 21ah 9+ on a Thursday and was pleased to see it arrive the following Thursday in perfect condition and fully charged. I didn't have time to road test the scooter that night as temps were in the teens and I was running around looking for a lock worthy of securing this thing on the job site. Anyway, the next morning I pulled into my free street parking spot unfolded my new toy, powered her up , swiped the card, turned on the lights and headed towards work. From the moment the motor kicked in I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! Any apprehension I had from spending a large chunk of cash on a commuter scooter was gone...instantly. This little scooter rides like a Cadillac with its smooth ride and silent motors. There's a decent sized hill on my route and the single motor handled it well. When I turned on the dual motor function I felt like a diesel truck was pulling me up that hill. Very impressed. I had so much fun just riding in to work, I had thoughts about playing hooky and taking a nice leisurely ride down LSD. If my car didn't read 8 degrees on the drive in the likelihood of that would'be been much higher.

The fit and finish on the vsett 9+ is top shelf and even with its commute more than halfway across the country there's not a blemish on this thing. Build quality is far better than I was expecting at this price point. I was wondering if there'd be a problem with the lithium batteries performing properly in such cold temps, however this didn't seem to be an issue. However, I did have the scooter in my warm home overnight, so if its locked up in an unheated space that could potentially be a problem. Batteries in general do not like extreme cold.

This scooter gets a solid 5 stars from me. However, there's always going to be certain things that could be tweaked to make a product even better. While none of these would have prevented me from purchasing my 9+ , here's the little things I think vsett could improve:

1. Like another reviewer mentioned, the hook when folding down scooter doesn't securely snap into place. It merely hooks under the piece at the rear of scooter and uses the scooter's weight when carried to retain it similar to how a french cleat operates. I'd like to see a more positive locking system perhaps with a push button release. When carrying it folded down I kept worrying that the little hook was going to let go and the scooter body would crash to the ground. If you keep the hook on the stem nice and tight, it shouldn't be an issue...but feel a simple tweak would be easy enough and offer users much more peace of mind when carrying around a near 60lb scooter.

2. While the locking neck is a well-engineered design, I find the tiny threaded stud takes a little longer than necessary to secure and feel cross
threading is a very real concern moving forward. I plan to machine a larger threaded knob on my lathe with larger diameter stud and threads to make securing it faster and alleviate any cross threading concerns. Not absolutely necessary, however, threading that tiny knurled stud in the dark is a little more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be.

3. The last thing I'd like to see is the light for dual motor mode to only illuminate when in use. It seems that light is always on whether in single or dual mode and there's so little travel in that button that its hard to tell if the dual motor button is depressed or not. I may look into a solution to that as its probably a simple fix, however, its such a minor gripe that chances are i'll just adapt.

Other than those few minor gripes, this scooter is a thing of beauty. I'd buy a vsett 9+ again without a second thought. I feel it offers the perfect balance between weight and performance and at a very reasonable price point. Looking forward to many miles of trouble-free commuting and even more days of FREE street parking. The money saved on parking alone is going to pay for this AND my weekend cruiser...at this point I have plans to purchase a 10+ from Rev Rides when money permits.

I like to say thanks to the fine folks at Rev Rides for their service, Ginger on wheels for his YT reviews and coupon code, and a tip of the hat to Vsett for building such a nice product.

Great Commuter

This scooter offers a great combination of speed, range, and weight. It's not the fastest, doesn't reach the farthest, or the lightest; but it provides a great compromise among these often conflicting goals resulting in a good all-round performer that would satisfy most people's needs. After recording about 100 miles, I've enjoyed it's solid construction, vigorous acceleration, and climbing abilities. It's definitively an upgrade over my old Ninebot Max, and so far, RevRides customer service has been stellar. It should be noted, however, that the light setup is inadequate for night riding -- offering little in the form of trail visibility (adding a handlebar light addresses this issue). Also, my scooter's front suspension's preload was calibrated for heavier riders requiring a minor adjustment. Overall, despite these nitpicks, I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

Anthony Ehle

Good balance between power, portability, and Range. Very nice suspension. Great team to talk to with my questions!

Steve DeGraw
Great Scooter

My only complaint is the way it folds down - it doesn't securely fold. Otherwise, it is a fun, fast as I want it lil scooter that really flies. Comfortable too.

Smooth operator

This scooter is so smooth, quiet, and comfortable. Don't waste your time or money on anything else like I did. Just buy it and I guarantee you'll be glad you did. Build quality is superb. Customer service is the best. I had an issue with my scooter, called RevRides and got immediate support. 👍

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