ZERO 11X Charger 72 Volt

Lithium Ion battery charger for ZERO 11X scooters. Custom connector to thread into the scooter charging port.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sergey Derov
Best scooter on the market

No complaints. Never had any issues, owned scooter for 2+ years. And only thing i had to replace was the rubber due to me riding it none stop

Excellent customer service

I had a charger that stopped working after a month of use and I wrote a review explaining that with no intention of getting a replacement. Within the same day customer service contacted me and offered to replace the item as long as I provided some evidence. I did and I expect within 10 days of the original review I will have my item replaced. Truly amazing customer service. Thank you rev rides!

Frederick Sprunger
Great Charger

It’s the same one that comes with the scooter.

Mark Billips
Zero 11x charger

I picked up this second charger for the 11x and it’s definitely well worth it since it cuts the charge time almost in half when compared to a single charger. Thanks again for everything guys!

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