ZERO Solid Honey Comb Tire

Please see fitment info below before purchasing.

Eliminate flat tires by replacing your stock pneumatic tire with a Solid Honey Comb tire. These tire are a good option to increase reliability, but riders will see a decrease in traction and comfort. These tires are not recommended for aggressive riding.



8.5 X 2.0:

-ZERO 8 Front Only

-ZERO 9 Front and Rear 

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Customer Reviews

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ZERO Solid Honey Comb Tire

I bought this for my commute to and from work in LA. Roads are pretty rough in a couple places and was having blowouts from hitting holes. The tire does have a bit more of a bump to it. Feels like you are hitting the rim. However, I no longer had blowouts while hitting pot holes. My problem with the tire came later when doing a longer runs, 2 miles. I noticed it felt like I was getting a flat tire and my back end was drifting. I didn't think anything of it at first figuring that was me adjusting to the new tire. However, down the road a little further I look down and noticed my tire was starting to slip off the rim. I got my scooter home pulled off the back tire took it apart and then reassembled it. Again the same thing happened on my longer rides. I noticed the tire get's quite warm and the tire is more pliable. I'm guessing this may have something to do with it happening on the longer runs and higher speeds. I won't be keeping this tire on my scooter.

Solid Comb Tire

It was easier to install than I thought. I didn't feel it affect the ride at all. The shocks on Zero 9 help dampen any shocks and the split hub seems to lock the honey comb tire in place. There were other comments as the wheel heatens up it might loosen but I haven't seen it. Since these are rubber maybe the next tire can have some aggressive treads.

Needs Re-engineering; Great for never-flats

This is a solid tire if you’re looking to never get a flat again. However, this tire sits flatter than the pneumatic tires that come with the scooter. That said, more friction is created. This leads to more battery drainage and less top speed for the user of the scooter. Additionally, the tire is made from “slippery” rubber. This product could be great if the rubber was the same as the rubber from the pneumatic tires; just solid. Also, the treading pattern does not go over the entirety of the tire. The tread stops right before the bottom-most part of the tire (the most important for traction). Three things could be changed: 1) Rubber type, 2) roundness of the tire so that it sits less flat, and 3) make the tread run throughout the tire; especially the parts of the tire that make contact with the ground.


Just perfect

*:.FiVe StAR ALL DaY.:*

Thank you revrides team for all you do. By the way I want to thank Minon Minnieweather at customer service for looking out for me when I need it. You are awesome! If anyone need anything parts scooters or even have a question. Revrides got you with out a doubt. My solid tire fit perfectly. I just wish it looked a little like the front tire I have on my turbo wheel dart scooter. Other then that. I’m riding smooth and having a great time.

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