Begode Gotway Monster Pro

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    The bigger the better? Well that is certainty true for the Monster Pro. This wheel absolutely dominates other wheels in nearly every way. This Monster can handle insane speeds of 45 MPH plus! Not only can you go fast, you can go far... Really far. The Monster Pro packs an unbeatable range, maxing out at over 100 miles. 

    This wheel was designed for those extreme riders who want to go fast for long distances, without the worry of constantly charging. During long rides, comfort won't be an issue - the Monster Pro comes equipped with large pedals and, much like the previous Monster models, you can easily enjoy your ride from the comfort of a seated position on the large frame, made possible by the massive 24" tire, that glides over almost all riding terrain.

  • SPECS Monster Pro
    Battery 3600Wh, 100V
    Motor 3500w Nominal, Higher Peaks
    Top Speed
    45+ MPH
    Range 100+ Miles
    Weight 88lbs
    Pedals New Extra Large Pedals
    Speakers Bluetooth Speakers for Music
    Lightning Fast Dual Ports

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3600W 100V
45+ MPH
80-100 Miles
Real life test. 155lb rider, 12MPH
Real life test. 200lb rider.
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DimensionsH = 680mm, L = 610mm, W = 500mm
Dimensions (Folded Pedals)H = 680mm, L = 610mm, W = 260mm
Wheel Diameter610mm
Pedal Height165mm
Rough Weight100 LBS
Net Weight88 LBS
Safe Cruising Speed15 MPH
No-Load Speed65 MPH
Cruising Range125 -190 Miles
Max Climb25 Degrees
Max Load290 LBS
Motor TypeHollow Motor
Motor Power3500W
Battery Power3600 W / 100V
BatteryLG M50T 21700
Charging Time12h
Protection / Alarms
Over Speed Alarm18 MPH, 2 Beeps/sec
Incline AlarmAutomatically shuts off to protect rider when wheel is leaning at 35 degrees forward or backward, or 45 degrees from left to right
Speed AlarmFirst Alarm: 2 beeps/sec, 18 MPH
Second Alarm: 3 beeps/sec, 28 MPH
75% motor output, 5 beeps/sec
Other AlarmLow voltage, <5 MPH, 2 beeps/sec
Low voltage,>7.2km/h, 2beeps/2 sec
Low voltage, >14.4km/h, 3 beeps/2 sec
Hall malfunction, 2 beeps per 0.5 sec
PCB overheat, 2 beeps(short)
Extreme low voltage, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
Fall down, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
Over voltage, 3 beeps/2sec
Main board temperature >80°C,urgent beeps from the wheel, pedals start lifting backward
Special Features
CalibrationUse APP to set horizontal level or any footrest angle at your choice
USB2A output
Charging portDual Charging Poers. 20A short circuit protection
Headlight2000-8000 lumen
Anti spin functionThe motor will stop when you hold the handle !fit the wheel
Bluetooth SpeakerUse mobile phone connect the bluetooth play music

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