LCD with Thumb Throttle for ZERO Scooters

This thumb throttle replaces the stock trigger throttle on the ZERO scooters. This is a plug and play replacement of the entire QS-S4 LCD throttle unit.

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Ernie Obrien
A Must Have Upgrade!

If you are going to upgrade anything on your zero 10 X or any zero E Scooter than this is definitely the number one needed switch. So much better than the trigger my only concern is that it came with a short wire connection so some adjustments had to be made on the handlebar. Other than that incredible response and overall a pretty neat upgrade. I hope this helps.

Thumb Throttle


Works with Vsett 10+

I definitely prefer thumb throttle over the finger throttle but if you plan on using it with the Vsett10 it worth noting that the original display and controls are better than this one. Losing the plus and minus buttons are one downside. Also it's harder to feather the throttle when going over bumps. You also lose the NFC locking feature of the vsett10.

It is easy to install but you should also get some black zip ties when putting it back together. Also be very careful when removing the hand grip since it has the turn signal and is challenging to get off.

Once the Rion thumb throttle is released I plan on upgrading to that and using this on my zero 8 clone instead.

Decent but not Perfect

The conversion job is top notch. My issue is the spring tension in the new thumb throttle. It's too weak. It's very hard to precisely control your speed because of this. Not so bad on road, but off road, it's VERY difficult. I've had it on for a week and I'm not sure if I'll keep using it.

Vsett 10+ compatible

Works great with the vsett 10+. Much more safe with this setup.

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